1. Do you Ship Worldwide?

Yes we ship worldwide – please ensure correct quantity is purchased for this – if unsure, please email support using the contact page.

2. Do you offer samples to try the product first?

Currently we do not offer samples.

3. How long does shipping usually take?

Shipping takes 15 working days (max) to EU destinations. For USA and rest of the world, it can take slightly longer depending on customs processing speeds (they do not disclose customs processing speed).

4. What if I did not receive my order?

If you did not get your order, and it has been past the time frame it should be delivered – please email us, and we will resolve this as fast as possible for you – we always make sure you get your order.

5. I missed the delivery of the order – what do I do?

If you miss a delivery of your order, you can collect it usually the next working day at your local post office. You must collect it as soon as possible after attempted delivery, otherwise the parcel may not be retrievable.

6. Do you Allow Refunds?

No – orders are sent out right after purchase automatically and shipping is purchased by our system, so we do not allow refunds. We do replace lost orders and always work to resolve any shipping problems as we have a lot of experience shipping worldwide.

7. What does the Taoist Soap look like?

Our soap generally looks like the images we post on our website – however this can differ from time to time with shape and color – this is because ingredients can vary in color as well as the fact we use 3 different locations where the soap is produced, and is produced with slight variations – the effectiveness of the soap is all the same, as ingredients and method of production is the same.