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Taoist Soap
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 21 reviews
by Lorraine Anderson on Taoist Soap
Taoist soap

I have used this soap for 2 yrs. Great! Very happy with everything and will continue to use.

by Arjun on Taoist Soap
Recommended Soap

Good soap, use it daily as a daily soap. Expensive but worth the price as there are no alternatives like the Taoist soap.

by Lorraine Keeling on Taoist Soap
Love my taoist soap

Taoist soap is fantastic and am a regular customer and thought to finally write a review, as i am grateful they are still in business still after covid19 and these difficult times. thank you guys for everything their support team is excellent too!!!

by Jesse on Taoist Soap
Great and recommended

I bought my first bar of Taoist soap and it was great! Had the emblem on it and looked like the picture and it cleaned great.

by Charlotte on Taoist Soap
Taoist soap

Highly recommend this soap, bought it to help with my hair falling out constantly and to try bring down inflammation on my forhead and chin as i had lots of tiny little blind pimples underneath the surface. I have tried endless amounts of face scrubs etc but this is honestly the best soap i have ever come across. I use it morning and night after removing makeup and my skin feels so fresh. All of my pimples have gone and it had helped with my hair loss too! I started drinking a collagen shot every morning aswell as ive heard this increases hair growth. The pair together have been my saviour! Just bought my second bar, the first lasted me 4 months.

by Erin on Taoist Soap
Highly recommend!

After the very first use, I can tell that my scalp feels much healthier. I’ll definitely be making many more future purchases.

by Jane Hewertson on Taoist Soap

I have been using the soap now for over six months. I am post menopausal and have experienced thinning hair for years, but this soap, together with regular scalp massage, seems to be working some sort of miracle. I can't praise it highly enough. Hair is left looking soft, thick and healthy. The more you use, the better the results. And each bar lasts me about three months. Seriously impressed.

by Mark on Taoist Soap
Hair loss be gone!!!

I started losing my hair at age 16. My mother ordered Taoist soap for me. I started using it twice a week on my scalp. I have never looked back! Personally, for me, not only did I stop shedding my hair but my hair grew back completely and I no longer have thinning hair or a bald patch! I am now 23. This soap lasts and lasts too, so it is money well spent. I would recommend it to anyone and hope it works as well for you as it did for me

by Melissa on Taoist Soap

does what it says. helped with hair growth but should be used in conjunction with a hair growth regime such as scalp massaging regularly (everyday) and increasing collagen intake.

by Andrea Rincon on Taoist Soap
Little bumps gone!

I started getting these painful little bumps on my scalp and after 3 uses (spaced out in the week) they are gone!! So grateful because I havent been able to figure out what caused them and nothing else seemed to work. I am now trying it on my hair line where the hair has shed from stress im assuming?! I have high hopes!

by Brandon on Taoist Soap
Second order

This is my second order after years of use from the first bar. I use it daily as a face wash and very often to wash my hair. My skin has never been better and my hair is great too. I highly recommend Tao soap. Use it as instructed and it will help your skin and hair to flourish and will also last a long time too, which makes it a top class buy.

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