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by Melissa on Taoist Soap

does what it says. helped with hair growth but should be used in conjunction with a hair growth regime such as scalp massaging regularly (everyday) and increasing collagen intake.

by Andrea Rincon on Taoist Soap
Little bumps gone!

I started getting these painful little bumps on my scalp and after 3 uses (spaced out in the week) they are gone!! So grateful because I havent been able to figure out what caused them and nothing else seemed to work. I am now trying it on my hair line where the hair has shed from stress im assuming?! I have high hopes!

by Brandon on Taoist Soap
Second order

This is my second order after years of use from the first bar. I use it daily as a face wash and very often to wash my hair. My skin has never been better and my hair is great too. I highly recommend Tao soap. Use it as instructed and it will help your skin and hair to flourish and will also last a long time too, which makes it a top class buy.

by Vincent on Taoist Soap
Great Product!

Love the soap and cannot fault it. I gave one star less because I am a perfectionist and feel there is no such thing as perfect and always room to improve. Anyway, helped my hair so that's all the reason why I bought this.

by Raymond on Taoist Soap
Love this Soap!!!!!

Absolutely fantastic product! this is a must have essential for every bathroom for your skin and scalp - if you are a living sane person, you need this, even if you don't have skin or scalp issues. I cannot say how happy I am with this product. As the king of skeptics, I am fully converted, and very glad I took the jump, after trying a thousand snake oils, it made it worth it.

by Farah T on Taoist Soap

Just bought this as I like to try out new handmade soaps for my skin. And this one was very pleasantly surprising, especially if you use a tiny amount and wash with cold water.Good product and worth the value.

by Creighton on Taoist Soap
great feeling after using

I thought I should leave a review as ordered from taoistsoap.com and recieved my order in a prompt manner. tried the soap just now and feels great. you can tell they haven't added extra useless scents, and the soap seems to clean well too (which is i guess a basic requirement of a soap hehe).

I will report back on results for hair and skin inflammation when I have used it for a while. but so far so good =) support has been helpful in getting me started, so grateful to have them to go to.

by Mona on Taoist Soap
i lava this soap

i hate glorifying already hyped products, but this is not one of them. This soap helped me restore my skin to normal after using so much crap from boots and other health and cosemetic stores which ruined my skin with acne. i am 25 so shouldn't be getting acne anymore and this stopped it and have been so happy.

by Brad C on Taoist Soap
good product

I use this soap occasionally and suits my skin perfectly. Value for money as it lasts long and better than everything I have tried in the past, except this really works well. My advice would be test out how many times a week it will help your skin, some products work better when used more often, or less often, as each skin is different, it is your job to find out what is best by trial and error. For me personally, 1 time a week is great, sometimes twice a week. My sister also uses it, but she uses it everyday and it works great for her.

by Dr Amir Kaan on Taoist Soap
Taoist Soap Review by Dr Kaan

I tell my patients about this and its helped them a lot. highly reccoended for inflammation conditions and general use.

by Kyle Tanner on Taoist Soap
Review of taoist soap

Fast delivery, got product, smells great and nice to apply on. I got it for my scalp and it already seems to be working. Very friendly support.

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