How to Use the Taoist Soap

Using the Taoist Soap is actually not hard but it depends on the purpose of use and also requires you being sensible as you do not need to use a lot, like you would with other soaps. When it comes to using the Taoist soap – its not about quantity in this case. 

For the first two weeks, start by using the soap just 2-3 times a week. Simply wet hair and scalp with warm water for a few minutes and let the hair soak up water – then rub on the Taoist soap two or three times and apply on the scalp directly by parting the hair to better reach the scalp area – the soap does not need to actually touch the hair, and this way, you save a lot of soap and money along with that as well.

Massage the soap all over your scalp for no more than 30 seconds and then wash off as you would a normal shampoo – you can use a conditioner afterwards if you need to, and this will not diminish the detox effects of the soap. Be sure to massage the entire scalp with the soap and not just the bits you are concerned about.

For itchy scalp conditions it is better to have the soap on for shorter durations to let the scalp adjust to the soap and get used to it – and build up the duration it is applied for.

After the first two weeks, you can increase or decrease the number of times you use the soap. If your scalp begins to overdry, reduce the frequency or the amount you are applying. If not, continue as required!

If you have any further questions on usage or how to maximise the benefits from the soap, please contact

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