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Over the years we have had many variations of the soap – this post is created to inform you, about the possible variation you may get – as we produce these soaps in different locations, sometimes the soap is not stamped, sometimes the shape is slightly different – and even the colour may vary due to ingredients harvest time of year.

One version of the Taoist soap

There are have been other variations which can also be despatched in your order (picture below) – this can vary and depends which batch we got – this variation is also kept different on purpose to know which batch which soap came out of – this is an extra precaution our team does for monitoring quality.

Other Variations of the Taoist Soap

You may notice the weight or shape can vary amongst the soaps too. The important thing to understand that these changes do not affect quality of the product – we still use the best ingredients available.

Please do also note – we try to take the best pictures of the soap – but the soap may contain some imperfections as it is handmade – these include white dust like coating (which can happen in soap making process) – which is harmless and does not affect quality of the soap and what it does – and often soap can be shaped slightly differently – this is all due to it being handmade and the weather conditions which affect the curing time of the soaps.

This post was created to clear some misunderstandings people may have had about the soap.

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