Ways to Treat Poor Hair Quality or Thin Hair

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There are many ways to treat hair that is of poor quality – but looking for a product to help you with it is the last thing most people really need – companies best interest is that you purchase something from them – be it pharmaceutical companies or many herbal companies.

First of all – healing should start from inside the body – which means your diet and exercise must be corrected – this is vital because even if there is a herb that can help you, you won’t get the maximum benefits from it, if your circulation is poor, or your body’s ability to digest the food is poor.

One good example is – people constantly eat carbs with red meat, and over time, this causes stomach problems, and absorption of nutrition gets poor – so even if you are eating a “healthy” diet later on in life, your nutritional absorption will be poor – and correcting that is important before you start taking herbs, oils or shampoos of any kind (yes, even our own Taoist soap!).

So how would you improve your nutritional absorption? 

One way is to make bone soup and have it instead of your meals for at least a week, and up to a month – this may be hard for some, so even having bone soup for a day, and not eating anything else, will allow your body to regenerate itself and repair nutrition absorption streams.

So once you have taken care of nutritional absorption and regularly have bone soup, tendon soup etc – then the next issue is to improve blood circulation.

Most people get lazy and don’t do enough physical work to push blood around – so exercising intensely for 5-10 minutes a day, like jump rope skipping, will greatly help – in addition to that, a general workout 3-4 times a week also will help balance the hormones.

Regularly doing this for 3 months, you will notice significant changes in your body and your mental clarity let alone anything else – whilst you have put yourself in such a regime, then you can start looking for products to help you – but before that, set yourself a regime and do it for at least 1 week.


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